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3D Lip Enhancement with Fillers


What is 3D Lip Enhancement?lips

This is a personalized and advanced treatment that promises to rejuvenate and plump lips, and restore lip volume, whilst maintaining a beautifully natural look. Importantly, it can be as subtle as you want it to be, and is never overinflated or trout pout like! Dr Prendergast has been performing lip enhancement for the last ten years and understands the subtle but beautiful enhancement women want.

Venus 3D Lip Enhancement combines:

  1. A highly individualised procedure that considers your age, facial anatomy, proportions and of course your desires.
  2. The most advanced techniques for the most natural, beautiful result. We use a technique called lip tenting to enhance or augment the lip by injecting almost vertically from the white roll. Rather than injecting parallel to the lip contour, it allows for optimal control over both shape and volume
  3. Traditional collagen fillers are replaced with hyaluronic filler a soft hydrating molecule found naturally in our bodies. Natural hyaluronic filler gels have the added benefit of being longer-lasting than collagen. Hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic, or water-loving, so it binds with water molecules in the skin, not only adding volume but deeply moisturising lips, too.

Speaking about Venus 3D Lip Enhancement , Dr. Peter Prendergast says;

For natural looking, proportionate and beautiful lips it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the lips and the changes that occur over time. The lip tenting technique involves injecting vertically along the lip line to increase the volume and create a balanced lip contour. The aesthetic result obtained by this technique is a more natural appearance of the lip than frequently achieved using conventional methods. As well as treating the lip, we often also enhance the mouth by improving the shape using muscle relaxation or fillers to lift the mouth corners. These subtle but beautiful changes often improve the appearance of the whole face.

Why consider 3D Lip Enhancement at Venus Medical?

The 3D Lip Enhancement procedure at Venus Medical  is the manifestation of our belief that no singular approach suits all, and that every patient requires a careful, expertly-designed approach. In our opinion, it is not best practice to simply fill the lip with filler without considering aesthetic ideals, surrounding facial features, and of course the ultimate goal, which is to make you feel and look great.

Are the results natural looking?

Extremely! Most people tell us they do not want very big lips, or they do not want a “trout pout”.  Many have seen celebrities or television personalities with lips that are overdone and are very fearful about having anything done with their lips. With our 3D imaging system, Dr Prendergast can show you how you might look after having lip enhancement at Venus Medical, before you decide to have treatment. You will be pleasantly surprised at how remarkably natural they look and how much enhancement can be achieved when the lips are augmented artistically and with great attention to detail.

How is 3D Lip Enhancement performed?

Safe, hyaluronic acid fillers such as Belotero, Restylane Lip Volume, or Emervel Lip are used to enhance the lips. Dr Prendergast uses nerve block injections first so placement of the filler is painless. The lips are carefully enhanced and sculpted using a series of injections.

In select cases, lines above lips are softened and a downturned mouth is reshaped by relaxing tiny facial muscles using a few carefully placed injections. A gummy smile can also be treated effectively with muscle-relaxing injections.

What is the recovery time?

Usually there is no downtime associated with this procedure. Slight bruising may occur in patients who tend to bruise easily; we recommend certain supplements and medications be discontinued before treatment, especially aspirin, high-dose vitamins and fish oils. Mild swelling may occur for about 24 hours in some patients.

How much does it cost?

This unique, tailored treatment, leaving lips natural, symmetrical, smooth and plumped, costs from €400.

How long do results with lip fillers last?

Depending on the treatment and filler that was chosen for you, results usually last from around 8 months to perhaps as long as 18 months.

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