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Benefits of Topical Antioxidants

The use of Topical Antioxidants reduces wrinkles, improve hyperpigmentation and sun spots and improve skin tone.We should all incorporate a Topical Antioxidant into our routine. They should be used during the day to combat the many free radicals that we encounter throughout the day. These transfor

mative compounds should be packaged in dark glass so as to preserve them from sunlight.
Topical Vitamin C is a powerhouse of an antioxidant, blitzing the baddies before they can wear down your skin’s DNA and accelerate the aging process. As a happy side-effect, it is also believed to enhance the efficacy of SPF – which should be worn religiously each day. SPF absorbs or reflects UV rays, while your antioxidant treatment will neutralise the UV rays. vitcserums

Serums are the ideal formulation to allow ultimate penetration of the active ingredient. The percentage of Vitamin C is also crucial: you want at least 10% L-Ascorbic acid, which is the best absorbed form.
Some additional benefits to Vitamin C are:
it has an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing angry redness in the skin
collagen-boosting, so you can feel noticeably plumper and younger
inhibits cellular degeneration, meaning it literally slows the rate at which your skin ages

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