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Decolletage, a beautiful French word meaning wearing a low-neck dress, is also the word we use to refer to our upper chest area, including the neck, cleavage and shoulder areas. The skin on the decolletage is one of the first places women show their age; this is because the area doesn’t have as many reparative oil glands and has less elastic and thinner skin tissue than our faces. Women often overlook the neck and chest areas when it comes to skin care. Taking care of your skin is a daily process, so starting today, treat this area with the same care as your face. Use the same products on your decolletage as you do your face; think of it as a new area.


What can I do to preserve this area of skin?

Daily SPF is a must. OBAGI Vitamin C serum can restore a smooth surface and is needed for the production of collagen – a natural process which slows right down as . It also works near miracles when it comes to inflammation. Vitamin C is best for treating fine lines and wrinkles on sun damaged skin, and perfect for treating the overly exposed decolletage.

Obagi ELASTIderm Decolletage System Kit is the premier at-home treatment for problem or crepey neck and chest areas. Ideal for anyone in the 40s and above.


What treatments improve sun damage and wrinkles to the chest and decolletage?

Dr. Peter Prendergast has seen terrific result using the following in-clinic treatments on patients wanting to improve the look of their decolletage;

Ultherapy is the FDA-approved for the specific indication of fine lines and wrinkles, and the neck and chest responds extremely well to the collagen and elastin stimulation the Ultherapy provides.

VBEAM Perfecta is the latest and most-advanced treatment for sun damage resulting in aging brown spots which mar the chest area.

MesoGlow infuses the skin with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and vitamins, including star player in the skin-plumping realm – the naturally produced carbohydrate Hyaluronic Acid, which diminishes drastically with age.


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