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Excess Sweating – Hyperhidrosis


Sweating is our body’s natural mechanism of detoxification and temperature regulation.
However, in a minority of cases, sweating occurs in excess.

Patients tend to feel embarrassed during the first few minutes of a consultation, and then optimistic when they learn there is effective treatment. After treatment with anti-sweat injections, they no longer feel ashamed, lack confidence, or self-isolate.


Treatment for Excessive Sweating Works

Studies have shown more than 80% of patients experience at least a 50% reduction in sweating after just one treatment.



Once the problematic sweat glands have been identified, small amounts of the injectable is administered with expert precision. We most commonly see patients with hyperidrosis of the armpits and palms.


There is no downtime associated with hyperhidrosis treatment. Slight bruising to the area that received the injection may occur, but this subsides quickly. Arnica taken before and after treatment mimimises bruising.

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How long will treatment results last?

Studies have shown a median of 201 days before results diminish, or approximately 6 months.


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