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What are fillers?

Fillers are used to correct facial volume loss, eye wrinkles, and deeper facial lines. With very few exceptions, the results with fillers are not permanent, and at Venus Medical our most administered fillers last 6-9 months.


Why consider a hyaluronic acid filler?

These natural fillers are the key to regaining your youthful appearance. You can be sure that whenever a celebrity, model, or female passerby, who sports exceptionally smoothed and plumped skin beyond the age of 45, usage of such fillers is involved.

If you have the aforementioned concerns and are through with squandering Euros on wrinkle or “lifting” creams that didn’t work, then you should consider hyaluronic acid fillers.


What does a filler do?

Dr. Peter Prendergast will directly inject the most appropriate filler into the area of treatment. These can be frown lines between your brows, the deep lines from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth, tear troughs, depressions along the jaw line, the sunken areas under your eyes, or the hollowed areas of your face. Immediately, wrinkles and lines are filled-in and the fold or depression is gone.

We go to great lengths to educate our patients and encourage everyone to be shrewd in their consideration of fillers and from whom they receive treatment. Despite what you may have gleamed from the media or friend, there is not a ‘best’ filler across the board; it is an individualized consideration for the doctor. The very best result for you depends on the doctors technique, skill, experience, training, your facial needs, and risk tolerance. It has nothing to do with magazine headlines; these are often a result of marketing efforts from filler company, worded craftily so the self-promotion is subtle.

Many fillers which graced magazines and features sections have since been discontinued for a variety of reasons. Getting media attention doesn’t always make for beautiful results!


How long is the recovery period?

No recovery time is associated with fillers. You will need to share medication use with Dr. Peter Prendergast or the staff before you receive treatment, as aspirin or fish oils for example can cause short term bruising. For this reason we advise discontinuing certain medications and supplements shortly before and after treatment.


How long do the results last?

The improvements last from 6 to 9 months or even longer depending on the type of filler used, how you take care of your skin, and how your face continues to age. We do not use permanent fillers at Venus Medical, however we have options which can last up to a year and a half on average.


What are the risks associated with dermal fillers?

Aside from allergic reactions which are extremely rare, fillers also have risks of lumping and migration. This too is considered a very infrequent occurrence. Like the filler itself, aesthetic reactions are short-term.

Regardless of the material, dermal fillers require that the doctor has surpassed the learning curve phase of administration and technique development, and they also should understand a wide range of materials’ effect on the skin. That means you need to find a doctor who has been injecting dermal fillers for some time, with long-term experience, using more than one type of filler.


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