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Femilift: Restore Intimacy Confidence & Improve Incontinence

Vaginal rejuvenation is now a reality without surgery and improve stress urinary incontinence. After the challenge of a natural birth, many women are faced with a common problem that causes decreasing self-confidence; they no longer experience the same sensations during intercourse, and
 life in the bedroom becomes dissatisfying. This issue is often compounded over time, as intimacy breaks down
 and relationship dynamics deteriorate.


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If this sounds familiar, rest assured there is treatment available that will work for you – one that is not reserved for only the 
wealthiest or bravest of women. Each woman has the right to reclaim her sense of empowerment and femininity, and your libido can return to the what it was in the glory days before giving birth. Painless, fast and with no need for anaesthesia, Venus Medical offers Femilift, which has provided
 many patients with an avenue to regain an important part of their life. Ideal for nervous patients, 
Femilift has no down time and it is a gentle procedure performed with safety and accuracy. Damaged internal tissues are restructured and the result is a smaller vaginal canal; as well being a 
post-childbirth remedy, it also yields significant results for stress incontinence and the natural side-effects 
of the aging process.

During the procedure, a painless laser is used to stimulate the collagen production; you can expect
 to feel merely a slight warm feeling. A few sessions are recommend to maximise the effect.

Femilift is a life-changing treatment that puts an end to wasted efforts and money spent on topical 
creams that offer poor, short-term effects. If you want to feel like your old self – and you deserve to
- call Venus Medical on 012962747 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Prendergast.

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