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Even those who are exceptionally well-versed in the secrets to anti-ageing skincare can neglect their hands. While we may religiously apply TLC in the forms of peptide-rich creams, Vitamin C serum, glycolic treatments, and tretinoin, it simply slips our minds time and time again to treat our hands with the exact same protocol as our visages.

UV protection is the most effective way to prevent new brown spots and mottling, and slow collagen loss. Before going outside, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) to the tops of the hands and the forearms. This is a crucial action for everyone and we advise SPF from a young age- but its never too late to start. 

Exposed to the same amount of sun as the face but, more often than not, receiving no SPF protection, the degree of sun damage affecting your hands can be extreme. This has a drastic aging effect. Lotions and potions can temporarily restore softness, but once damage has been done, you will specific, medical-grade treatments in order to truly reverse the evidence of your long-time negligence.


How can Venus Medical treat my wrinkles and age spots?

To even out mottled skin, improve texture, and stimulate the growth of collagen destroyed by UV rays, apply a prescription retinoid cream immediately after washing your hands, and Vitamin C serum is an important anti-oxidant which strengthens the effect of SPF. OBAGI is a potent and high-quality brand sold exclusively at Venus Medical, which includes Vitamin C serum in various concentrations, and prescription tretinoin provided by Dr. Prendergast.

Hydroquinone blocks the enzyme needed to make melanin (skin’s pigment). As surface cells slough off, new, nonpigmented cells replace them. We offer prescription hydroquinone and find in many cases, it provides considerable improvements when dabbed on topically to affected areas. You’ll get faster results using hydroquinone in conjunction with ingredients that slough off dead surface cells, like prescription tretinoin.

VBeam Perfecta is the most advanced and effective treatment for removal of brown spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation in general. It quite literally transforms your hands to make them look decades younger. This is by far the most popular treatment for pigmentary issues at Venus Medical- and it is because it works far superior than any other in-clinic option available today.

For withered, thin-skinned hands which reveal unsightly veins – an unfortunate effect of decreased collagen and elastin – fat grafting is your saviour. Dr. Prendergast is highly trained and an authority in Ireland on this innovative fat transfer procedure. It involves the careful extraction of fat from a body part rich in fat cells, and injecting the fat into your hands. Your body cannot reject this fat as it is not foreign- it is your own. The premise of fat grafting is therefore entirely natural, and the results are beautiful.

For bulging veins, another option is dermal fillers. They disguise prominent veins and improve skin quality; some dermal fillers stimulate the production of your own collagen. Results are amazing and fast.


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