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SilkPeel is an in-clinic facial exfoliator which is similar but far superior to traditional microdermabrasion. SilkPeel involves zero downtime, making it ideal for busy women whether your only time for a treatment is during lunch break or between dropping the kids to their various engagements.


What does SilkPeel do?

SilkPeel is a fast and effective way to achieve a better complexion. It is perhaps the best facial exfoliation treatment for those who are put off by the notion of recovery time and chemical resurfacers such as glycolic acid and TCA.

Depending on your own skin needs, various additives are infused into the skin during the exfoliation process.

For blemish prone skin, salicylic acid is the most pore-clearing, anti-acne chemical exfoliant available. It promotes fast cell turnover while unclogging blocked pores –  thus enabling the production of cell regeneration and clearer skin. It is the most effective chemical exfoliant for areas of the skin affected by acne or keratosis pilaris, a bumpy and rough skin texture common on the backs of the upper arms.


For instant brightening and free radical treatment, we can pump both Vitamin C and E into the skin, alongside soothing, regenerative aloe. Allantoin and dipotassium are added as nourishing, conditioning agents. Topical Vitamin C is a powerhouse of an antioxidant, blitzing the baddies before they can wear down your skin’s DNA and accelerate the aging process.

Some additional benefits to Vitamin C are:- it has an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing angry redness in the skin- collagen-boosting, so you can feel noticeably plumper and younger- inhibits cellular degeneration, meaning it literally slows the rate at which your skin ages

If youare plagued by severe acne or dry skin and searching for natural skincare relief, then the aloe vera plant provides tremendous and extensively studied healing and soothing effects. It is less known, perhaps, that aloe vera produces at least six natural antiseptics. Acknowledging these beneficial applications, SILKPEEL uses aloe vera to make the treatment entirely free-from inflammation as well as cooling and calming irritation caused by acne.

Very gentle but efficient mechanical abrasion sloughs off the surface dead cells. The Micro Dermal Infusion is a diamond-tip microderm abrasion system which in addition to exfoliating the top layer of the skin, infuses a skin-specific solution simultaneously into the newly-opened pores. This combination of deep skin treatment and top-layer exfoliation results in an effective and noticeable treatment of various skin issues.

As it works under positive pneumatic pressure, the treatment also stimulates lymphatic function so it helps encourage the removal of waste and toxins from the face. Anti-aging peptides are also delivered deep into the skins surface.


What is the downtime associated with SilkPeel?

Zero! You may be a little pink and fllushed but this will die down quickly.


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