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REVIV – The future of wellness has arrived.

REVIV wellness spas specializing in IV infusions and energy booster shots arrives in Ireland and available only in our clinic. REVIV was founded by a group of Board Certified Physicians with a combined forty years of first hand experience in treating dehydration and low energy levels. Without argument, we know that the quickest and most efficient way to restore hydration and energy is thru IV infusion and Booster Shots. Our IV Treatments reduce the time consuming recoveries from hangover, illness, jet lag and general exhaustion. Our Booster Shots provide energy lasting for days.

The benefits of IV infusions

Without argument, the fastest and most efficient way to deliver rehydration and wellness agents is through direct introduction to the blood stream. When a person consumes water or energy beverages or takes oral vitamins, the body only absorbs approximately 55% as it passes through the digestive tract. Introducing rehydration and wellness agent via IV delivery, the body absorbs 100%. The result is a person not only gains 100% of the benefits, but they do so quickly and efficiently.

Who is suitable?

We currently offer five different IV hydration treatments suitable for everyone from athletes to beauty and wellness seekers. We also offer three energy & wellness booster shots.

MEGABOOST – Vitamin infusion

To radiate on the outside you must cleanse from the inside. Megaboost packed with a host of vitamins, detoxifying agents, anti-aging gluthathione and an energy booster. Give your body the vitamin boost it needs.

VITAGLOW – Anti-aging infusion

vitaglowOur Vitaglow IV infusion is packed with a high dose of the master antioxidant gluthatione which fights free radicals that attack your skins elasticity, coupled with the maximum hydrating effects our IV treatment offers.

Your skin will glow.

ULTRAVIV – Recovery infusion

UltravivWhether it is long hours at work, dehydrating summer days in the sun, enjoying the night life or jetlag – Ultraviv is formulated to restore hydration relieve pain and nausea, deliver vitamin B-12 and is topped off with an energy booster.

Get back to life and feeling your best.

ROYAL FLUSH – Deluxe infusion

RoyalflushTaking life to the max calls for maximum recovery. Royal flush is our deluxe body purification infusion combining the recovery benefits of Ultraviv along with the cleansing experience of Megaboost.

Reach for the top shelf.

 HYDROMAX – Pure hydration infusion

hydromaxAthletic activity drains your body’s hydration. Drinking sports drinks or water can’t restore your hydration fast enough. Hydromax can with 1 litre of pure saline solution.

Get back to peak hydration quickly.

Please call us at 01-2962747 to book in for your IV infusion now. The price is between €149 to €349 for each infusion.