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What is SkinGym?

A revolutionary programme designed to improve, preserve, and maintain exceptional skin quality – without resorting to invasive and extreme measures.

Despite the ongoing barrage of promises made by elitist salons and glossy advertising campaigns, a universal truth remains: topical serums and moisturizers have limited effect in the battle to age gracefully. This leaves many women and men limited in their options. They wish to avoid surgery and injectables; perhaps they fear the associated connotations of vanity, the prospect of pain, and the risk of permanent dissatisfaction with results. Yet there remains a desire to look their very best.

Women in Ireland think nothing of six-weekly visits to the hair and nail salon. We need to manage our skincare in a similar, on-going fashion. Awareness of this has resulted in the appropriately named SkinGym: with neither surgery, botox nor scapulas involved, there is now a safe, truly transformative option for those seeking to invest in their skin while remaining natural.



Why consider the SkinGym plan?


The effect of the programme, which consists of the very best of specialized lasers and techniques, is not merely an improvement in one area of concern. As it is an intelligent, expertly conceived approach, you can expect a multi-faceted rejuvenation.

By visiting us over the course of a few months, you can experience the exceptional benefits of carefully selected treatments. These include but are not limited to:


  • Mesoglow promotes tightening and lifting, revealing an overall rested youthful appearance.
  • RF Skin Tightening and IPL promise a panoply of benefits: from the eradication of rosacea and the blitzing of spider veins, to improved skin texture and refined pores.
  • Fractional C02, touted as the skincare breakthrough of the decade, has the power to remove wrinkles.


The unique programme offered at Venus Medical was created for those who understand that great skin is an investment. For an initial payment and low monthly fee, you will progress through various treatments at a considerable saving. Skinsurance represents smart, non-invasive, tailored and financially plausible action.


Upon your consultation, 3D facial imaging will reveal the dermatological issues at hand, such as prominent wrinkles, sun damage, and rough texture.

Your own personalised prescription of treatment is drafted, consisting of treatments that target resurfacing, tightening, collagen-stimulating and clarifying, as needed.

The prescribed procedures can be then carried out as often as every two weeks throughout the year, if you wish, so you can enjoy a full 12 months of rejuvenated skin.


Our innovative programme will ensure you look incredible, glowing and refreshed – the best version of yourself.

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