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How to take care of your lips this winter, lip fillers & PermaLip

Lip fillers & PermaLip

How to take care of your lips this winter

Winter can be brutal with your skin, imagine what it can do to your lips.  Many of us forget to take care of this area resulting in dry or even sometimes bleeding lips from the cold.  So here are a few tips on how to have soft and kissable lips!

lip fillers

1. We all know a cup of tea is the solution to every problem, so dry lips?  Try some tea!  All you need is that tea bag you just used, press it lightly on your lips for 5 minutes and then remove it without washing your lips.
2. Here is a delicious natural lip scrub!  Use 1 teaspoon of white sugar, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of olive oil.  Mix everything and massage gently your lips with round moves.  Wash away with warm water and voila!!
3. Don’t eat the cucumber, but use its juice or apply thin slices on your lips for a few minutes so that they will be re-hydrated.
4. Apply honey on your lips as many times as you want, you will not only have the sweetest lips but also honey has a substance that seals hydration.  Alternatively you can also use olive oil, everyone know it does miracles to your skin!
5. Water, water and a lot of water, don’t forget to have at least 8 glasses of water per day for your overall health.




3D Lip fillers


This is a personalized and advanced treatment that promises to rejuvenate and plump lips, and restore lip volume, whilst maintaining a beautifully natural look. Importantly, it can be as subtle as you want it to be, and is never over-inflated or trout pout like! Dr Prendergast has been performing lip fillers for the last ten years and understands the subtle but beautiful enhancement women want.

For natural looking, proportionate and beautiful lips it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the lips and the changes that occur over time. The lip tenting technique involves injecting vertically along the lip line to increase the volume and create a balanced lip contour. The aesthetic result obtained by this technique is a more natural appearance of the lip than frequently achieved using conventional methods. As well as treating the lip, we often also enhance the mouth by improving the shape using muscle relaxation or fillers to lift the mouth corners. These subtle but beautiful changes often improve the appearance of the whole face.


Another option for juicy natural lips is the PermaLip™ , which is a silicone implant designed exclusively for lip enhancement. It is made of very soft, solid silicone, which is tapered at each end to match the natural shape of the lips. The implants cannot leak or rupture, and come in a variety of sizes depending on the amount of lip augmentation required.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic, where the implants are inserted via two small incisions at the corner of the mouth on the upper and low lips. The implant is then passed through a tunnel created in the lip and centered; the incisions are then stitched closed with absorbable sutures.

Although PermaLip™ is designed to be a permanent lip enhancement, in case you change your mind, it can be easily reversed by implant removal, due to the smooth surface of the implant. Based on your existing lip characteristics and your desired goals Dr. Prendergast will suggest the right size for you.

Most importantly, your other half will not feel any difference when kissing you so it is time to…


…let your lips do the talking!

Fuller lips

The lip fillers and PermaLip are performed by Dr. Peter Prendergast http://venusmedical.ie/dr-peter-prendergast/

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