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What is the One-stitch / Vitality Lift Facelift?

Vitality Lift is the revolutionary facelift and neck lift alternative, which firms, enhances, contours, and rejuvenates.  The beautiful results produced are transformational yet extremely natural-looking.  For us, the most rewarding change is the boost in confidence and happiness that follows a Vitality Lift. Each Vitality Lift facelift is tailored to suit your needs, so you can enjoy the best, most natural and long-lasting results possible, without going under a general anaesthetic.

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Before and After Venus Medical Facelift

Why consider a Vitality Lift over a standard facelift and neck lift?

Everyday we speak to women and men who tell us that when they look in the mirror they don’t like the way they look.  They look older than they feel inside.  So here are just a few reasons why many choose a Vitality Lift over a stand facelift and neck lift.


Aging is a slow, progressive process that affects all of the tissues in the face and neck.  A Vitality Lift addresses more than just skin, but also many of the other signs of aging to provide a harmonious and natural-looking result that will not make you look like someone different, just a refreshed and more youthful, attractive version of yourself. Our doctors and clinic have a personalized approach using advanced imaging and clinical assessment before planning each component of the Vitality Lift.


There is no substitute for experience. Dr. Prendergast has vast experience in delivering expert care to patients from all over the world. His qualifications, credentials, and experience speak for themselves.  As well as caring for people every day, Dr. Prendergast is actively involved in training and education of other doctors. Dr Paul has forty years experience in facial aesthetic surgery and is voted as one of Americas Best Doctors. Whatever your requirements, Dr Prendergast will have the skill and experience to provide exceptional results for you.


In Ireland, most people we see who consider rejuvenation are much more interested in less invasive procedures, and many simply do not want to have general anaesthesia or be given intravenous sedation to have such elective cosmetic treatments.  With Vitality Lift, only relaxing tablets are required before treatment, since it is performed under local anaesthesia, completely avoiding any risks associated with intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.  Not only is this remarkably safe, it also allows you to recover quickly, without the need for hospitalization.

What does a Vitality Lift do?

A Vitality Lift provides a beautifully natural result by addressing many of the signs of aging.  Aging in the skin, around the eyes, soft tissues of the face, and sagging in the lower face and neck are treated during a Vitality Lift. In order to decide what will be best for you, advanced 3D imaging is performed and simulations can show you how you might look following a Vitality Lift. Depending on your age and features, you maybe be suitable either for the Vitality Lift of the Vitality Lift Plus. Here is some of what to expect following these treatments:


Skin is cleared of sun damage, uneven pigmentation and fine lines. Facial volume is restored to a youthful and natural-looking fullness. Hollows, dark circles, and shadows are treated and the jawline is lifted and tightened. The eyebrows are lifted to a more pleasing position, restoring symmetry and harmony. In women, the shape of the face is improved to restore the beauty triangle. In men, volume loss is addressed but a masculine appearance is preserved. Subtle laxity of the neck is smoothed and tightened. Vitality Lift is a non-surgical or minimally invasive procedure.


Some people will require more lifting or the removal of lax tissues surgically to get a better and more long-lasting result. As well as restoring lost volume and improving the colour, quality, and smoothness of the skin, the Vitality Lift Plus procedure lifts and tightens the deeper tissues in the face and neck, providing a long-lasting and more dramatic effect. As well as improving sagging cheeks, and creating a beautifully defined jawline and neck, Vitality Lift Plus removes bags under the eyes and excess skin above the eyes. This is a surgical procedure, but requires only local anesthesia, allowing you to go home the same day.

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Before and After Venus Medical Facelift