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PRP Injections-Dracula Therapy: A Festive Secret Weapon Against Aging

prp injections

Despite its gory title, PRP injections or Dracula Therapy is in fact a fascinating, natural way to revive your
 skin. Performed in-clinic, it involves the extraction of your own platelets, which are then harvested
 and added back into the face. Dracula Therapy is a perfect, effective and organic way to glow
 throughout the cold months ahead. Contrary to any social media posts you may have seen, there
 is nothing unsightly or messy about this advanced, in-clinic treatment, and it is ideal for those
wishing to avoid injections of foreign substances.


A very small amount of blood is drawn, which is then placed in a centrifuge in order to separate out
 the red blood cells, platelets and serum. Your super-charged, unique serum, which contains no red cells, is created. The star player is the 
plasma; you may remember learning in Biology class of their important role in blood clotting and 
healing. Plasma also holds powerful anti-aging properties due to proteins called Growth Factor.
 When discovered over 70 years ago, the scientists behind the findings were awarded a Nobel
prize; the principle behind the innovative Dracula Therapy is based on celebrated medical fact. The effects are dramatic; your own DNA begins to repair. It is a one-off treatment and works especially well for the forehead, cheeks, neck, décolletage, and hands.


Dracula Therapy is an amazing skin revitaliser, allowing you to avoid dry, lacklustre skin texture.


Instead of sporting a tired, weathered visage over the looming, harsh seasons, call our clinic now on 01-2962747 to book in for Dracula Therapy.

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