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Flabby arms, sometimes referred to as bat or bingo wings, are common problem areas, especially in women who store more fat in their upper arms than men. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine helps reduce body fat including excess fat in the back of your upper arms. For many women, stubborn fat remains despite exercise.  VASER liposuction is highly effective for treating these areas, reducing fat and tightening skin at the same time.

What is VASER Lipo?

VASER Lipo is a minimally invasive means of liposuction, performed without the use of sedation or general anesthetic. During the procedure you are awake and lucid, and recovery time is extremely quick. The results of VASER show more artistic sculpting of both small areas such as the chin and arms, and large areas such as the tummy.

Why consider VASER Liposuction for bingo wings?

VASER Lipo is an advanced, highly efficient and specialized cosmetic procedure, of which Dr. Prendergast is an international pioneer. Compared to traditional liposuction, VASER typically offers a quicker recovery, less swelling and bruising, and it is associated with smooth results, and superior skin tightening compared to old-fashioned liposuction techniques. The VASER method allows for more specific destruction of fat cells and limited injury to all other tissues. It also avoids the potential risks of general anaesthesia, since Dr Prendergast is an expert in performing the procedure purely under tumescent local anaesthesia.

Here are yet more reasons to consider VASER Lipo at Venus Medical:

1.Dr Prendergast was the first doctor in Ireland to perform the VASER procedure

2.Dr Prendergast is the only official VASER instructor in Ireland

3.As President of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Dr Prendergast regularly trains surgeons in VASER internationally

4.We literally wrote the book on VASER.  High Definition Body Sculpting, co-authored by Dr Prendergast, is a medical text that details various VASER techniques and quickly became an Amazon Best Seller.

5.Dr Prendergast is the only doctor in Ireland trained in 4D Lipo, the advanced VASER Hi-Def technique. He was invited onto the faculty of the renowned  International Center for Artistic Body Sculpting in Colombia

6.Dr Prendergast only uses tumescent anaesthesia for VASER lipo, the safest way to perform any liposculpture technique

7.We do not consider this merely fat removal, rather, it is an artistic form of true body sculpting

8.All consultations performed only by Dr Prendergast

9.Unsurpassed preoperative and postoperative care for best results and safety

10.We love VASER.  We are sure you will, too!


How is the VASER Lipo procedure performed?

1.Infiltration:  slowly passing the diluted anaesthetic solution into the fat through tiny incisions using special cannulas or sprinklers

2.Emulsification: once the areas are completely numb, the fat is liquefied using special fine VASER probes.  These probes emit ultrasound waves, efficiently breaking down the fat whilst preserving other tissues such as blood vessels and nerves.  Contouring the body in this way requires an artful eye and delicate, graceful movements of the probe.

3.Aspiration: Once the fat has been emulsified, it can be easily extracted through gentle suction.

How long is the recovery period?

Immediately after the procedure you will be guided into our relaxation and recovery room, where our attentive and courteous staff will care for you. When you feel ready, you may be collected by a family member or friend.

You may be a little sore and tender the next day. There may or may not be some bruising.  These are all perfectly normal signs of the body’s recovery process and temporary.  Patients universally report an extremely fast recovery time, and clear results are visible within about ten days.

It is very important that you adhere to the after-care protocol, which will be explained to you in advance. This involves the wearing of surgical compression garments for four weeks; the garment ensures your skin tightens smoothly over your new contours.  It also provides comfort and helps minimizes swelling.


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