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After many years of performing thread lifts on hundreds of patients, Dr Prendergast has perfected a new, modified One-Stitch facelift technique that improves on older techniques. There are many types of thread lifts, from the earlier barbed threads, to Silhouette sutures and Silhouette SOFT, as well as the Serdev technique. Dr Prendergast has used them all successfully over the years. His new technique combines the benefits of some of these earlier techniques and modifies some features, improving results and providing a more lasting secure lift that looks beautifully natural.



How is the One-Stitch facelift performed?

Some local anaesthetic is injected behind the hairline and in front of the ear.  After that the entire procedure is painless.  A small incision is made at the hairline and a suture (stitch) is passed using a special instrument to lift the tissues above the muscle.  The lift is instant!  Some redundant skin is removed and the incision is closed at the hairline.  The suture is anchored behind the hairline to the muscle through a separate small hidden incision.


Due to this minimally invasive approach, the One-Stitch thread lift is attractive to patients who want to go home immediately afterwards without bandages or other signs of having had surgery. The small 1-inch scar resulting from the procedure is placed discretely at the hairline, where it fades over time. The total estimated recovery time for this procedure averages around four days. The One-Stitch facelift may be combined with volume enhancement using fillers to further improve the shape of the face and the definition of the jawline. You will have the opportunity to see a simulation of what you might look like after the procedure with a 3D Face Scan during your assessment.


Am I suitable for the One-Stitch facelift?

The best candidates are usually aged between 35 and 55, but Dr Prendergast has performed the procedure on older and younger patients too. If you see some signs of sagging or looseness and want a quick, effective lift but are not ready for a full facelift, then you might be suitable for the One-Stitch facelift.


What result can I expect?

You can expect an instant improvement in bothersome sagging of the lower face and neck. After six days, some stitches at the hairline are removed, but you can return to your normal activities straight away following the procedure. The quick process doesn’t compromise on fantastic, rejuvenating results.


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